Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Commander Wiley Brooks 

Initiator and father of the lineage of information within the breatharian institute

Wiley is currently overseeing the Breatharian Institute of America and the entire Ascension Project of the Human Family from the 'world above' this one. 

brandon dey 

director of the institute and
teacher in the institute 



Student teacher in the institute

Richard is the youngest Student currently in the Institute.  He is a strong minded, morally driven young Man who knows what he wants.  One of Richard's greatest gifts is indeed a rare one, within his generation.  He knows how to Listen.  This, along with his ability to make sense of the intangible Realm Within, is the perfect combination of age old Wisdom and Youth. Richard is also a Music Producer under the name Magic Seventh.

Andrea Stormes

Student teacher in the institute

Andrea is a Mother of the children of the New World who's current primary objective is Service and Mastery of nurturing the Soul of the New World, so that the pain and fears of the past are not passed on to the Future generations.  

Derrick O'quinn

Student teacher in the institute

Derrick is a gentle, powerful and sensitive soul who is quickly gaining control of the Power within.  He is an extremely sensitive manifestation of the Divine Male, who is mastering a path of Empowered Enlightenment. 



Brenden is a da bomb y'all.