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My Meeting With Legion

By Brandon Dey 


My unsolicited meeting with Legion, who taught me a principle of Solomon, and how I became an advocate for PEACE between the human and demonic realms.



I feel I should start this off by saying that I have a lot of spiritual experiences under my belt, where I have met beings that don’t wear normal third dimensional bodies. This isn’t exclusive to beings, or people, as I like to call them…. I just see things in this unseen world when I close my eyes. Images, whispers or a quiet in the wind, lead me some way, here. I See and Hear, what is beyond the veil. I am clairvoyant and clairaudient. Sometimes I see landscapes or these machines, I guess you would call them bio machines, and often I see people. In the same way that dog people and horse people and cow people and bird people and fish people and cat people and tree people are people, these beings are people, too. There are a lot of different kinds of people in this unseen world. Actually, I think that this other world is the one that this physical one is modeled after. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, if you really think about it; if you really apply your intellect to this one, it's clear to see that this world, this physical world, is impotent. All of this matter is impotent stuff.

I feel that it is important to use the thing you should know best as an example here. The example is You. If we can delve into this with an open ended interest, then I think that it should be pretty easy for you to hear me on this one. You.

Let's just say that you lie down at night and go to sleep, or whatever you want to call that restful state when all of this incredible regeneration, restoration, replenishment and all that happens. Okay? So you go to sleep and then what happens? Do you dream? Do you travel? Do you work out problems, finding solutions or answers to questions that you've had? Well, if the answer is yes to any of these questions, it should be very clear to see that you are not this body. I do know plenty of people who don't dream, but even they know people who do. So there have been plenty of examples of spirits and ghosts being seen and recorded and photographed so at this point I'm hoping that we can all agree that there is a 'spirit-man'. Perhaps some of you have meditated and maybe traveled in this meditation or had out of body experiences and the like. You know what I mean? If you've had a near death experience, you know what I'm talking about.

Without this body, we are still here. It is clear to me that this world, the one we all live in, is like a physical mirror of that other one, the spirit world. In this other world, there are human people and spider people and space people who are beings who are a lot like you and me. It’s another dimension, less dense than this one.

It's a fiery world and by that, I mean that the entire world seems to be made of different degrees of fire and magnetics. This other world, this other dimension, it is made of fire.

It may also be made of this stuff that science calls dark energy and dark matter but these things are also firey. This 'dark stuff' is a dense, dark fire, imperceivable to the untrained eyes that doubt; untouchable to the hands of modern man, with calcified pineal glands. The fires that constitute this fiery world are all of the colors of the rainbow and some colors that are new to us, when we are there. The temperature ranges from mild to cold to so cold that they are blazing hot and from warm to hot to so hot, they freeze. I say all of this to say that this realm covers an entire spectrum, more vast that the spectrums of the known.

So this is what the spirit world is. It's a firey world. I'm not talking about what is referred to as the 5th dimension, here.

In case you're wondering what the 5th dimension is, I'll tell you what my experience of it is. It's like an abandoned amusement park in the desert, with sparse inhabitants, mostly transient, that look almost like shadows. This may sound eerie but it's absolutely perfect. That is the only one word that comes to mind. It's Perfect. Absolutely Perfect. A few more words may be in order: It's as if bursting with Life, yet desolate; it's empty, yet Full.

It sounds in saying this, as if you would want for more in this place but Want is not a thing that exists Here. Want is foreign to this Place, as far as I can see. Perhaps the only thing one could 'want' with this place, is for more inhabitants to set up 'permanent residence' here.

Anyway, this spirit world communicates entirely with what we call telepathy. Words are very clear, when words are used. It’s what they are expressing in Star Wars, when it comes to seamlessly interacting with a lot of different kinds of people who naturally speak their own languages. They do it fluently and we do it fluently, when we allow this communication. This is our true nature. If you can’t understand the language, you’ll get a picture or colors or sound that will help you to understand what is being conveyed or expressed.

People’s voices are clear there, in that there is always a path to understanding.

This communion I'm speaking of, usually starts when I feel the need to go within, because something requires my attention. I might feel something and then close my eyes and ask “what’s that, who’s there?”, and like that, I go to where my attention is needed and I might see someone there. It’s called the psychic eye a lot of times. I’ve heard this sense called “first sight” and clairvoyance, among other things. I consider it to be as natural and innate as the other five senses.

So in the story I’m about to tell you, this kind of sight is the vehicle of the experience. It is common for me, and requires only focus. Mostly, my attention is drawn into this world, in order to set something aright or to teach me something. I believe that this speaks to the real human nature. In my opinion, we are creator-gods and we are here, in this particular time, fixing things and setting things up in their proper order, within and without. We, as a family, are correcting things and setting up a New World right now. So I'm speaking of the inner part of that.

In the following experience that I've given so much context about, I encountered more than one being. It was a unique situation for me, in more ways than one. For one, the first being I met seemed to set up the meeting with the second, which was more like a group with a leader. I believe that the way I handled the first one, set up the possibility of meeting the second. One more thing I want to say is that the second being I met had a noble nature. If I met him on the street, I'd say that we could be friends-in-passing. I wouldn't want to get to know him on a personal level but I think we would have 'good vibes' in the moment, like a mutual acceptance and respect. Okay?

I'll go ahead and tell you that I’ve often see beings hanging around in my aura that have no business near me, and this was definitely the case with the first being.

What I'm getting at is that this particular being had no business near me, except that it was a vampire.

Now, I’ve seen these guys before and I’ll go into depth, explaining what I see, later on. This whole meeting was exceptional in that I normally don’t have any sensible conversations with what I call demons. This was a first. In the past, I've called them demons because they are doing things in the lower realm, basically living a parasitic lifestyle, leeching off of others. I call this the 'lower realm' because these bottom feeders have forgotten who they are and so they have no Source, within. They live in a realm that is low. If I was using the body as a map, I would say that they operate strictly through the manipulation of the solar plexus, down. These beings are completely cut off from the Heart so they go no higher than the solar plexus. They are master manipulators of the lower realms, chakras, or star centers. A lot of times I recognize them by their selfish nature.

When I've see them, in the past, I pretty much turn on the green and violet and rainbow flames within my Heart and Crown right away if they don’t follow my command to leave. Either this, or I would call on my angelic allies to handle them.

I will say, however, that I do not like to fight. I know that all beings must be fulfilled so I really try not to give anyone a hard time about doing their job.

Before this incident, I learned about one of the jobs of demons. I learned that they were near me because there is something within me that resonates at their frequency.

The only way that they could find me is that there is something within me, that once upon a time I either ate or absorbed from the environment through breathing or touch, and that substance or frequency belongs to them, in the lower realms.

I understand that they can also come into the aura through trauma and separation or fragmentation of oneself, but while this form of possession is known, what I have never heard anyone talk about is how these things gain their physical anchors, and a foothold in the body. Poisons, which are in most of what people eat and have been eating for quite a long time, are the physical anchors for entities.

I realize this is a bold statement but it's what I've found to be the Truth, through first hand experience.

This mechanism of possession is intimately tied into what we eat. There. I said it.

So these vampires come because I have something that belongs to them and they are there to drag it back to hell where it belongs.

This is the Truth and that’s their job.

As an enlightened individuam, it is my job to let go of what it is that does not belong to me. If I do not do this, then I will also be dragged to hell and that’s on me.

So few people talk about this and so many have no idea that this is what the demon world is about. These beings are here to help us, so there’s no need to hate on them. They are just doing their jobs.

They gather together for a reason, just as the high raised Angels gather and hold together for reason. It’s like unto like. They have a job and I don’t think that it’s a stretch to say that they are divine in the eyes of the Creator. I like to look at the whole demons and angels thing like they’re both parts of divine creation and in this physical world, which is based on duality, it takes both forces (the force that is pulling down in the force that is pulling up) to create the “tension” that is integral to physical reality.

So why hate on them?

This whole instance happened sometime towards the end of 2014. I was lying in my bed meditating, as usual. I had broken my sternum a few years previous to this so I had a lot of pain that I was dealing with, while working two jobs and all while was going through the heart ache of a divorce, in which I lost contact with children that were dear to me. I feel that I should say here, before going any further, that I went through this entire experience sober. If I was just going through a divorce, I would probably have chosen to either drink or smoke cannabis to take the edge off of the emotional pain.

But as fate would have it, three years earlier I broke my sternum and the pain was so incredibly intense that it didn't make sense for me to try and numb that level of pain. I'll tell you that when it happened, it was very clear to me that either I needed a morphine drip or nothing. So I meditated to save my life. The pain was so bad that I really wasn't sure, not 100% sure, that I would live. I don't know if you've ever experienced such a thing before but when the pain gets really, REALLY intense, it feels like there's a danger that it's going to push you out of your body and that's what it was like.

So I meditated my ass off. I learned to deal with the pain. Usually when I lie down to do this, I’m at relative peace. I’m not bothering anyone and nobody is bothering me. My meditation is mostly to dissolve pain and karma and I don’t usually do much “traveling”. I just lie there and use my mantras. Some avoid the pain by 'going to another place', through the use of the mind and spirit travel. This is not what I do. My Teacher taught me to go through, and dissolve the pain.

Now let's get to the story!

I was there meditating, minding my own business, and in the corner of my so-called psychic eye I saw this fat, tick – looking dude who had a look on his face like he literally just got caught with his pants down. He was hanging out on the edge of my aura, getting some food because these parasites can’t exist without feeding off of another.

They are so devoid of their own life’s essence that they have to live off of others’. Their race was once noble and many have returned to the sun, but they are fallen. Manipulation is their superpower.

Whenever I see this type of being I know it’s what normal people call a vampire. This is always funny to me because vampires are so glamorized (wasn’t that term used in True Blood or one of those movies, where they would 'glam' people or something like that??). It’s like vampires are these romantic romanticized beings for some reason. Whenever I see them they’re like these fat ticks and they’re always embarrassed to be seen, like they were caught. They are the only fat spirit people I ever see. I have seen some great golden beings that were healthy and robust but these guys, it’s like they start dripping sweat when you look at them. They remind me of fat child molesters because they’re so creepy, too. They just have a terrible slimy vibe.

This one in particular was a male (incubus) so it also had this gay energy. As a man, I can say that I get this feeling that’s like “why the fuck are you all up on me?” You almost want to kick their ass but you don’t want to touch them with your foot, if you know what I mean. You don’t want to touch them. No, I don’t want to wrestle these guys out of my aura. So I caught it, this fat tick-like being, by first becoming aware of him and then putting total focus on him, and I sent him away.

I have a specific way of doing this which is very powerful. It’s really one of those secrets that’s worth a whole lot. I told this being, as I tell any being that’s hanging around my aura without my permission and obviously doesn’t belong anywhere around me….I tell them to leave and here’s how I do it:


I tell it to go to where it belongs and to take whatever is within me that belongs to it, with it, and go.

So here’s how it might go, and this is exactly what I told that vampire.

     'Go back to were you belong and take whatever it is that is within me that belongs to you and take it with you and never ever come back.'

As I've said, I use this phrase because if that being is in my aura that means he found me somehow. If it found me, that means that there is something within me that is vibrating at its frequency. That means that there is something within me that also belongs in hell AKA the lower realms.

What that means to me on an energy level is that once upon a time I ate something (or took on something through trauma that found its foothold, through food, in my system) that had a very low frequency and its frequencies stuck with me. I share an experience as a child that lead me to believe this is the case in another story that is called 'In the Beginning'.

I say all of this to say that this is the experience that led to meeting this head demon called LEGION. On a side note, organizations like American Legion creep me out to this day.


When in spirit communion, I talk in the realest way as I can to everyone in the spirit world. I show respect where it is due but I also don't take any shit from anyone. I don't have any degrees or certifications but that doesn't matter Here. Only humans who are coming from a 3rd density reality care about such things.

Back to the story:

A few seconds after commanding the tick vampire incubus back to hell in that way, I saw another being in the distance, off to the left - I’d say about 30 feet away.

     'Didn’t I tell you to go the fuck away and never come back?' I said.

The being didn’t move but still stood there so it became quickly obvious that this was a different being.

     'Who the hell are you and what you want?' I said. I was getting a little annoyed at this point.

     So it comes closer and it says, “You know I’m going to drag her to hell don’t you?”

I knew he was talking about my ex-wife. At the time I was going through the throes of heartbreak and divorce, so I knew he was talking about her.

     'I don’t really give a fuck,' I said to him. 'That’s none of my business.'

And here’s where things got strange. First he started to laugh and then I started to laugh. Now, mind you, I have never to my knowledge shared a laugh with the demon before. It felt a little awkward to say the least.

      'What are we laughing about?' I ask.

     'Out of the three of us,' he says, (me, this demon, and my ex-wife), 'only one of us doesn’t acknowledge the Creator.'

I heard something like an echo, 'Yeah, she’s too stupid to acknowledge the Creator. You told her how many times and she still denies It.'

That latter echo seemed like it came from some sort of peanut gallery that was around this demon. He had a big team. It was like an entourage.

After letting all of this set in, I said to him, 'Well, do what you gotta do. If that’s your job, do what you gotta do. I'm not gonna try and stop you.'

'Is that all?' I said.

He nodded. 'Yes.'

'Okay,' I said. 'Thanks. Now go away.'

(I didn't do this in a rude way, but the spirit world obeys commands and bends to our Will, as gods. I found some time ago, that asking for things and requesting, doesn't get me where I want to go as directly as commands).

As he started to leave, I asked him one last question. 

'Oh by the way, what is your name?'


Then he left.


WHEW!   That really blew my mind when he said that. From my early days of spiritual work, I remembered that  LEGION  was the only demon who was mentioned by name, in the Bible.

So that's my Legion story. I also know it is the first and last time I ever shared a laugh with the demon.

I learned something here. Even demons acknowledge the Creator. They are doing their job, rounding up all of these people who don’t acknowledge the Creator, and dragging them to hell, making promises and breaking them. Demons know it’s not appropriate to respect one that doesn't acknowledge the Creator. So my little theory is that Satan, much like Santa, has a list, and on this list, is everybody who’s been hanging out with him. He’s got everyone who’s been with him together in a trick bag. His job is to find out who’s been bad or good; so be good for goodness sake.

Satan is known as 'the Liar'. Think about this. He’s been making promises but he doesn’t need to keep them. He doesn't work for people. He works for the Creator, and will tell you that the Creator doesn't exist or that it doesn't matter. He will say what he needs to say, to get you to blaspheme the Creator, if you can be swayed in that direction AT ALL.

What I'm really saying is that after talking with Legion, I’m beginning to think that even Satan works for the Creator. Only smart, power hungry people are too stupid to see it. But what do I know? I feel like honestly, who could look up at the sky and deny the Creator? It’s just not intelligent.

Can’t you See how PERFECT EVERYTHING IS? Everything, that is, but what humans create, when we have forgotten who we are. Yet we are soooo smart. Everything is impregnated with Intelligence, yet we want to be smart, smarter, and smartest. And still, nobody can even tell me what a fingernail is. Not from the beginning. So what’s the problem in admitting that there is something, some POWER far advanced that set this whole thing into motion?

There is freedom in acknowledging what we don’t know. It’s a prison, getting trapped in what we think we know. There are these amazing things about life and there is LIFE! It’s absolutely incredible and absolutely free. None of us is being charged to breathe. That is the nature of the Creator. Even the demon knows it.  

Brandon Dey