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There are three focal points for the future earth.  Earth Prime, Transition Earth and Fallback Earth.

Earth Prime is the original planet Earth on its original growth path, which is now completely in the 5th dimension.  Transition Earth is the interdimensional planetary reality, which has a combination of 3rd, 4th & 5th dimensional qualities.  Fallback Earth is 3rd dimensional and falling in vibration frequency.

Earth Prime is the original planet Earth on its original growth path.  In the past seven years, Earth Prime has spun gloriously into full being.  It spins in easy harmony, a full member of the RA/Pleaidean Confederation (the federation of positive planets of the Universe), and is in open and constant contact with the vast eternal and ever-living, ever-growing cosmos.

Earth Prime has a character all its own.  It is peaceful...it is sublimely beautiful...it vibrates with joy... it is magnificently alive...and it is distinctly, without question, the mature and shining "Earth".  It bears the imprint of Earth's history, from the first glimmer of an idea for the project, through its early developmental phases and intermediary growth stages, to its final pathways of enlightment and fulfillment.  It carries full awareness of The Shift, The Split, and its sister planetary versions Transition Earth and Fallback Earth.

Earth Prime is up and running.  It is also remarkably underpopulated.  There are plenty of tourists and study groups, vacationers and part-time residents who come and go, but few settlers who have come to stay.  Original "best guess" expectations for Earth Prime called for a planetary population density roughly 10% of that of pre-transition Earth.  Yet now that the development has been officially open for more than four years, the figures have stabilized at .001%, or 600,000 individuals.  How has this come to be?

Well, for one thing, the opportunity for residence on Earth Prime has not been widely advertised.  Most people-even lightworkers who are thinking in terms of retiring to the "new" Earth someday-haven't heard of it, or have insufficient information on which to base their decisions.  Others are waiting for cataclysm to make the "old" Earth untenable, and/or hoping it won't come to that.

Still others have decided to stay with Fallback Earth as helpers, healers and teachers.  The lab still intrigues them - they want to go on working there.  Of these, a smaller number are enrolled in the Angels-in-training program, preparing themselves to participate in the future development of Fallback Earth from a position of greater wisdom and power.

There are also those who are sticking with Transition Earth, at least for the time being, to stay near friends and loved ones whose choices (i.e.,whether to be a part of Earth Prime or Fallback Earth) are still in the process of being made.  However, the time left in which to make that decision is rapidly running out.

Wiley Brooks, Breatharian