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Part 1

Question: If you are a true Breatharian why did you recommend a diet of diet coke and McDonald’s double-quarter-pounder with cheese meal?  

Wiley: In order to understand why I have chosen these foods you must first know how the human bodies descended into the 3rd dimensional world in first place. This is not our natural home. Being here as long as we have been was not intentional. We didn’t plan to stay here permanently. You could say it was purely by accident that we ended up getting stuck in this 3d world. The Earth, without a doubt, is the most beautiful planet in the Milky Way galaxy and that is why it was "the" vacation spot of the galaxy for millions of years. There was always a constant stream of visitors coming here from Worlds and Galaxies far and wide.

Like all societies, there are always people who want to ‘up the ante’ by increasing the intensity of the sensations a 5d being normally experienced on their visits to Earth, by staying for longer and longer periods of time. It would be like the sensation or high you get by the making the roller coaster you’re riding in go faster and faster.

One of the most exciting things about coming to Earth was eating 3d food. Food was not eaten for nutrition but for the exquisite taste and sensations you would get. Just like today, there were many 3d restaurants, 3d shops, 3d clothes and thousands of 3d things you could buy and take back to your 5d world. This was a most exciting thing to do. Just like the feelings you get when you go on a shopping spree to Las Vegas or similar places.

After million of years of these activities, making their vacation times longer and longer and eating more and more 3d foods, it was like the fad of the time to be "3d" savvy.

At the first part of this "million of years of fun" period every body got rape up in the 3d fads and sensations, we stop noticing the slight discomfort we would normally get when staying too long in this density, it had become less bothersome, someone even came with the brilliant idea to eliminate these "you have over-stayed your time " symptoms altogether. By brewing up a concoction of 3d foods and herbs, a new miracle drug was manifested to take care of this problem once and for all. The brew was similar to what you know today as ice-cream. The main active ingredients were carbon-based sugars and iron.

This new miracle drug took the galaxy by storm. Now anyone could come to Earth and stay as long as they wanted to and even eat the 3d foods without any noticeable after-effects. This certainly was the talk of the galaxy for a long time, now even more visitors are streaming to the planet, eating more 3d food and staying longer than ever before.

Here-in is where the "The Fall" actually began. The after-effects you used to get from eating 3d foods, that you thought you got rid of , are now back to bite you in the butt.

Since I am on the subject of 3d foods I may as well address the question that’s sure to come up which is "Why do you ask us not to eat any fruits and vegetables while on the 5 magic words diet? 

The seat of the multi-dimensional mind that controls the physical body is the stomach (you are what you eat)

The body mind itself is the human heart. The dimension that your body will gravitate to or harmonize with is dictated by the directions from the heart. Communication with the heart or body mind is done with Light and Sound. The real blood stream of the physical body is a form of liquid light. The digestive system is designed to extract or digest the Sound and Light frequencies from our words and thoughts and condense them into liquid light. By changing the frequencies of the heart you change the frequencies of this liquid light, which in turn changes the frequencies of the body. When your words and thoughts or foods are 3d based, it is inevitable that the body must follow.

Likewise, when your words and thoughts and foods are 5d based, guess what happens to the body? Now let me ask you a question. Can you tell what words and thoughts and foods are 5d based? Bingo!!!

Would you believe a double-quarter with cheese and diet coke could possibly be 5d based? The frequencies of a substance in dictated by it component part. In other words, the sum total frequencies of all of its parts equal the base frequency of that item.

Since I’m starting to have fun asking the questions for a change, let me ask you few more.








The secret in the diet coke is the "LIQUID LIGHT".

The type of container and its' size combined with the diet coke ingredients equal the base frequency of its liquid light.

Part 2

Question: Why do you ask us to drink only diet coke and not any other kinds of liquids, especially fruits and vegetable juices and water? This makes no sense to me.

Wiley: I’m glad you are asking this specific question at the time, because just as I sat down to write the answer to your question, a scientific study of the effect of diet coke, regular coke and other sugar drinks have on the teeth was brought to my attention.  Talk about Devine timing.

Basically the scientific study concluded that "fruit juices, in particular, have a greater effect on enamel erosion, due in part to their organic acid content. The study concluded that, despite the diffent proportions of glucose, fructose and sucrose found in all of the drinks studied, the drop in pH remained the same; all sugars were found to have the same effect on plaque (enamel erosion). Now here comes the kicker; the report concluded "HOWEVER, THE pH WITH EITHER REGULAR OR DIET SOFT DRINKS DID NOT REACH THE CRITICAL pH WHICH IS EXPECTED FOR ENAMEL DEMINERALIZATION AND DISSOLUTION (EROSION).

Now let get to answering the question, why drink only diet coke and drink no water?

I can go a lot further on the subject of diet coke than any 3d study can detect with its, somewhat antiquated instruments. As the study found, even regular soft drinks, with sugar did not erode the teeth like natural fruit drinks.

"To search for truth, one must indeed stand naked in the wind." Thanks Betty for that quote.

The diet coke, in addition to not hurting your teeth, it actually helps your teeth. The 5d qualities in the diet coke acts as a type of binding agent which binds all other sugars and toxins (after-effects) in the meal being digested at that time to the beef in the burger. The beef acts as a catalyst that draws these toxins to the digestive tract and escorts them out of the body as waste. 5d (Breatharians) people can get some of their nutrition from solid foods, but the main source for nutrition is derived directly from breathing.  All 3d foods, water and air are sources of harmful raditiation and hundreds of toxic pollutants.  And I do mean ALL 3D FOODS, WATER AND AIR.

Now don’t go feeling all left out. Because if you are reading this,


Read my lips:

If you are reading this, "You are already a natural, true Breatharian. So stop trying to be something you already are and get on with the process of returning to your true home, which is the 5d Earth. What I call Earth prime on my web site.

This concoction of 5d beef, 5d liquid light from the diet coke, the 5d sweetener aspartame, french fries fried in 5d de-hydrogenated oil and 5d water (5d water contains crystalline liquid gold) from the enter-earth oceans, is what makes this 5d catalyst diet work.

Cows are 5d beings or higher. They incarnated on the 3d Earth to provide 5d food (beef) for humans. They provide 5d food for humans by converting 3d foods into 5d flesh.

Their main mission is to serve mankind by feeding you, thus helping you to return home.

Now let’s address another question I get all the time.

"Why don’t you ever recommend fasting and how can you call yourself a Breatharian if you have to eat something? "


Since you are literally drowning in the 3d world that makes it is virtually impossible to free your body from this atmosphere by simply not eating 3d food. This is why I never recommended fasting for more than a few days, because I knew its limitations. I also knew that the Earth’s 5d grids had not been completed yet, since I was working day and night helping to construct them.

Your 3d environment looks and feels to us 5d folks just like an ocean of viscous soup.

You probably see what we feel as pollution. Our feelings are millions of time more sensitive than our eyes. That is why we can discern frequencies with extreme precision.

Everyone here is swimming in this 3d soup, which covers the whole 3d Earth. Its like fish swimming in a large fish bowl of poisonous water and air.

Equally, like fish in a bowl, when you rid yourself of waste products of all kinds they are simply absorb in this viscous soup that everyone is swimming in and recycled through everything in your environment endlessly. Whereas everyone knows you must change the water in a fish bowl periodically, yet how many times have you ever heard someone say "we need to replace our environment (this viscous soup) not just keep filtering it or patching it up?

Well, believe it or not, in the 5d world environments are constantly replaced, not just recycled, that is why things don’t age there. So, that long time ago when we first started to use the 3d Earth as a favorite vacation spot, we also knew, like a great hotel or vacation spot of today, it was not designed to last forever, as a matter fact this is true for all the worlds below the 5d worlds. Even if we had designed the 3d Earth with a system that replaces its environment I will still dissolve back into the void of the Great God Creators along with all the worlds below the 5th Dimension worlds. 

You’ll probably want to stop worrying about global warming since you won’t be here, on the 3d Earth for more than a few more years at best.  About 2 years to be exact.

For about 13,000 years the "Evil Ones" have kept the masses from knowing the truth about the Ascension process and its' life and death consequences.   Now, don’t you just feel, like - lighter, "like more enlightened" just thinking about all of this stuff?

If what I say is true, and it is; don’t you think "this just might be a good time to start looking at what we need to do to get off this rock before that infamous date of December 21, 2012?"

I can hear what you are probably thinking.  December 21, 2012?  That date has passed and nothing happened.  What you are probably not thinking, is that "thousands of things did happen and are continuing to happen at an incredible rate daily" and perhaps "you are just not aware of them".  

The lose of life would have been too high for the activation of the Ascension Energies on the December 21, 2012 date, because the "Evil Ones" made sure too many people remained totally unware of the life and death consequences for not being prepared for the Ascension Process.  Therefore a second and finale date for the activation of the Ascension Energies is set for sometime in 2015.  THIS DATE YOU WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED.

Its very important that the meditation exercise and diet coke and hamburger are used together. You can drink as much diet coke as you like or can. More is better than less. This is your ticket out of the 3d soup bowl and here is why.

When you drink water or any other type of liquids you will find no sugar being excreted from the body if you are healthy. I tested this theory while pretending to be a fruitarian. I could drink gallons of pure fruit and vegetable juices and I never found one drop of sugar in my urine and thought that was a sign of extremely vibrant health. After all I was able to lift 1200 lbs of weights without ever working out with weights before. so I thought that this sugar retaining function was indeed a sign of excellent health and a highly efficient body. This encouraged me to drink even more juices, but it also gave me a cover for my not needing to eat secret.

As a matter fact I actually started getting an appetite for the juices, something I had never experienced up to that time. Until then I always had to force myself to eat something

As I learned more about how things worked here (in 3d) the grids were getting stronger my 5d body start growing at a rapid pace which tremendous stress in body all the time, day and night. It got pretty bad, so bad I had to re-assess all I learned up that point in time to find out rid of all the pains and stresses happening to my body. A body that should be feeling perfectly well and have no problems. We don’t have pain at home in 5d. It was definitely panic time.

Most of all I starting feeling another 3d emotion you call "embarrassing", this also was a feeling I had never felt before. Since I had never experience 3d pain I thought there was something very wrong with me and I definitely didn’t want anyone to know that I was so weak that I couldn’t hide my pain and just learn to take it like a real 3d man. That’s why I was so embarrassed because I couldn’t imagine living with so much pain and just ignoring it and not complaining about it. "Just pretend it’s not real and it’ll go away".

"Learn to take it like a man," don’t be such "a girly man". I would hear from my 3d friends. I started to feel very intimidated by this new development of feeling so much discomfort, while everyone else seemed to barely notice what to me felt like a mountain and they were treating it like a mole hill.

This sudden development only intensified my efforts to cleanse my body and get rid these embarrassing feelings. I did found that when I ran up to 26 miles every morning before starting my day and drank plenty of fresh organic fruit juices and eat lots of fruits, especially organic grapes. This regime allowed me to feel very light on my feet and very healthy most of the time. And your 3d saying, "all good things must come to an end", proved to be very true for me,’ in spades. ‘

I remember it like it was yesterday when I first discover a little unknown book entitled ‘The Mucusless Diet Healing System, written by a fasting fruitarian author named Professor Ehret. ‘This book proves beyond a doubt that fruit must be the perfect food,'I thought’. Now I felt the appearance of my beautiful 5d body was eminent, I would be home free in a few weeks at the most. I could present my immortal 5d body with a mouth full of flawless teeth.

During the years I was on the fruit I lost most of my original teeth, for which I blamed on the mercury fillings and root canal work I’d had done on my teeth. I continued to feel more toxic, but I continued with the fruit and vegetarian regime, it had worked somewhat in controlling my discomfort level. The rest of the world, including the vegans, vegetarians, raw foodist and meat eaters alike, all appeared to be doing quite well without my help, thank you very much, ‘I thought’.

My 5d memories were being replaced with pain and the fear that perhaps I should have stayed at home in my beautiful world, which is by now a mere wishful, pie in sky dream about a world no one else believes exists or cares if it does of not. They are busy making things happen in the "real world," in spite of their pains and woes. Everyone seems to not even notice any discomfort as if it were just another normal day in paradise.

Part 3

I want to reiterate something I touched on earlier, "why meat?’ Note that I did not say just any meat, I said the double-quarter poumder which does contain beef. I MEANT ONLY THIS BEEF.

As I said before, the cow consciousness is a group of fully consciousness, very high dimensional beings who don’t experience death the way you think about it. They know there is no such thing as death. Only transition from one reality to another, and there are many realities to visit. So stop worrying about them, you are the ones in hot soup. Pun intended. Like you, they too incarnated at this time to help with the ascension process by providing the high dimensional food (beef) for humans. They are aware that we are not 3d food eaters. They provide 5d food for humans by converting 3d foods into 5d flesh. This is why they have so many stomachs and why they seem be so content just eating and chewing 3d food all day. That’s their job.

Our true food, if we actually needed to eat, is Sound and Light. That is why every being in the world loves some type of music. So start listening to some good music when you can and make this adventure fun as we work our way back to our real home. Earth Prime.

India did get it right about cows being sacred, but they got it wrong about which parts of the cows are the most important. The flesh is 5d or higher but the milk and its by-products are its 3d waste. This includes the tons of methane gas they produce every day. But when you are anchored to the 5d world even the methane gas becomes your best friend. It helps to clean up the air for you by converting free oxygen to nitrogen-dioxide. Oxygen is a very deadly substance for 5d beings. So your pollutions have really aided you in surviving to this time, while the 5d grids were being reconstructed. These grids are referred to in some religious text as "the firmament".

At this point in the ascension process your forests are your worst obstacles. 5d plants do not produce free oxygen into the air, they produce water. The cactus is a true 5d plant; it survives without the need for water because it produces its own.

5d air consists of a liquid gold mist. You may start to see these gold vapors in the 3d air as it mixes with 5d air. This explains also why I ask my initiates to travel to the high deserts in Utah where there is less 3d vegetation. Most desert plants, such as cactus are true 5d plants that survive without the need for water. They produce their own. Forrest and plants of the future will also produce 5d water, not free toxic oxygen. 5d water contains liquid gold. Most water in the 4 corner states contains this 5d water. You may not be able be to detect the gold yet with 3d instruments.

This should answer the question, "Why do you say don’t drink any water while on your regime?"

The 5d Earth (Earth Prime) is currently accessible through various etheric portals mainly in the 4 corner states.

During my initiations I take you there if you are ready.

So do the 5 magic words diet with the mantra, of course.

It’s a $200,000 gift to you from the Universe; don’t let it go to waste because of your "ANALYTICAL MIND. If you can’t get through this first level of the initiations at $200,000 what makes you think you’ll do it at the next level which is $400,000 cash. And the price keeps rising as your power progresses.

So just "Do it" Don’t just "judge it".

Part 4

One of the most important things you will become more aware of as you use the 5 magic words diet is the illogical thinking you are practicing every day as you go about your 3d activities.

For example, most people would gladly pay me any amount of money that I asked for if I had brought you a program that promised to extent your life for another 120 years. Even if I had told you that no life forms will be able to live on the surface of this planet in a few years at best,’ that’ you would not have believed.

Instead I tell you I can and have given you a program that will extend your life forever, (let’s just say 20,000 years for now, a figure you can get your 3d mind around), and escort you to a planet or world that exist right now and will continue to exist for an eternity and you think this process should be for free. To many of you think anything that is truly spiritual should have no need for money. Everything is spiritual, especially money. Do you think maybe the Creators made a mistake by creating the current money system, even though it uses paper instead of metal? The next time we create a money system for a 3d game/world we’ll be sure to check first with all you creators that just can’t seem to give the current money system any respect.

So, I say let’s get on with the task at hand, I have put my money where mouth is, it is now time for you Creators who are reading these words to walk your walk and hold the talk for awhile. You will be the only examples for the millions of people on this planet to look to for solace and guidance. "Now is the time, so let’s just do it". Does what I am saying seem logical to you? (Mr. Spark)

Here is a typical response I get from the ‘die hard 3d food hold outs’; vegans, vegetarians and fruitarians.

"At this time, I will stick to my fresh bananas, apples, oats, raw nuts, veggies, and other foods until I see a more reasonable justication". How do you suppose he’ll ever see more "reasonable justication" when they are all in his 5d world and which requires the development of his 5d vision. Do you think that just maybe if he eats more pure organic, fresh and natural 3d foods he’ll improve his 5d vision?

"You are what you eat." Has anyone ever heard this quote before? When we wanted to remain in 3d we ate 3d foods. If we want to return to 5d from whence we came, guess what kind of foods we need to be looking far? Yes I am pounding this message in, even though it seems like a "no brainer" to many of you. I don’t have the time, you think you have, to complete my tasks. Excuse me if I seem like I’m in a bit of a hurry, because I definitely am. I’m looking at no more than two years, 2010 at best, not 2012 for my time to run out. This is why I chose to give to the world this first step in the initiations for free. The ball’s is in your court. So, let’s not dilly-dally about now.

Here is a science article that’ll drive my point home.

          The title is "Astronomers Astonished by 'Monstrous' Star Explosion.

          Please read the complete article.

Wiley Brooks, Breatharian