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ascension Protocols

For The New Earth

These are some of The Ascension Protocols that we teach through The Breatharian Institute of America.  The TRUTH is that the real information within the Institute is a Lineage from our Star Family, who are overseeing the Ascension Project.  This Lineage is passed from mouth to ear, in the same Way it has been done since the Beginning. We can give glimpses here, but the knowledge is kept within the Teachers of the Institute, and passed to Students in the way that all lineages are passed.

They are aimed at assisting One to become One with God.


And so are You. The Breatharian Institute contains this 'GOD Replicator Program'.

To get there (Here), we direct the Initiate on how to move up their own energetic ladder. Moving in the right direction (up) and continuing moving in this direction without being 'pulled down', is what the Ascension process is all about.

We teach Students conscious methods of Empowered Enlightenment that are rooted in spiritual and physical science.


In the future, We will offer GaNS and GaNS Protocols, in coordination with the Keshe Foundation and Keshe Institute.  Plasma water is the ONLY Water that is Perfect for the Breatharian God-body.  Mr. Mehran Keshe went through science and found the Power of GOD.  The Breatharian Institute of America is the embodiment of the Meeting between Science and GOD, as is the Keshe Foundation. We are in the process of coordinating with the Keshe Institute, in order to help students of their Institute to have the knowledge and information within ours. This and other Partnerships will culminate into the largest philanthropic venture in the history of the Universe: the Creation of a PHYSICAL Heaven on Earth. And so it is   


Brandon Dey, 

under the auspices of Commander Wiley Brooks