The Quantum Divining Technique

''The Wiley Method''

From the Atlanteans

Brought to your world by Brandon Dey,

the Quantum Divining technique is a type of Divination that utilizes the act of comparison to gauge an energy. It can be used as a means of identification - one may use it so find a certain manifestation or perhaps access knowledge from spirit planes.


This technique differs from Dowsing, as the Divining method is multidimensional whether as the dowsing in your current world has not always been utilized in a non-linear fashion. Dowsing may be used to alter certain energies of manifestation(s) but Divining is used to identify certain energies. 


This identification is achieved by acknowledging certain specific energies as ''Reference Points'' and comparing these reference points to the thought-form/object/manifestation that is being divined.

There are various ways one can do this.

The focus of our teachings here will be with the use of the Pendulum instrument.


''Knowing the Truth by how it Feels''

Any energy can be used as a reference point.

Your Higher Self could be a reference.

Others could include, for example:


Amun-Ra / Christ


The Sacred Heart

The Inner Child





The power of this technique is unlimited and can work on many planets.  It is also a very accurate technique which when used correctly guarantees perfect precision.

For example, if you had a billion particles of copper before you and only One particle of Gold, you could, if you knew and felt the exact core frequency of Gold, find that particle of Gold.

This technique was shown to Brandon Dey, the current Director of The Breatharian Institute of America, by Wiley Brooks, the Founder

and the Father of  Breatharianism.

This is the divining technique used in Atlantis/Lumeria, past/present/future, and by beings on your planet,


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Brandon Dey

  Director of the Breatharian Institute of America

  Spiritual Leader & Teacher of the New World